In order for Moth products to have a long life, please follow our washing and care advice carefully.




Moth uses high-quality leathers to make its products by hand. Receiving few treatments to preserve the appearance as natural as possible so that irregularities or imperfections may appear and are considered typical of the skin.


Please keep products made with leather away from direct light sources, water, friction and corrosive liquids such as oils or alcohol.

To maintain the skin, simply rub with a dry cotton cloth. To treat some stains, moisten this same cloth and make gentle and circular movements on the stain, avoid using other types of products as they could damage it.


To hydrate the skin, if necessary, it is best to apply a little colorless horse fat and then wipe with a cotton cloth to remove excesses and give shine.




Our cotton canvas is washable, therefore products made with it are also washable, as long as they do not contain elements or materials incompatible with washing.


In the case of our Pouch, it can be washed in a washing machine at 30ºC with similar colors or by hand with warm water. If it is machine washed, we recommend wrapping it with a towel in order to protect the metal elements.


In the case of our Big, we recommend washing the canvas by hand rubbing the dirtiest parts or stains with water and a brush, avoiding submerging the leather pieces of the front pocket in water. Since the logo engraved on the skin can disappear if it is submerged or absorbed too much water.


We recommend storing the products when not in use in the protective cotton bag that you receive with your purchase and you should fill it with paper so that they do not lose their shape.