HI !

My name is Mariona and 5 years ago I became a mother.


Motherhood represented an experience that transformed me and discovered a world completely unknown until now. I was a little overwhelmed with all the noise, literature, advertising and consumption aimed at guiding new mothers towards a certain mother role that makes you lose your own intuition.


With time and perspective, I learned to listen and rediscover not only myself, but my own style. A style in which I wholly comfortable and recognized the one thing, the one image that the world had of me and I had of it.


It's about simplifying your life at a time when everything becomes more complex and not being tempted to buy a thousand items that will only be useful for a very limited period of time.


The transformation that I have undergone after becoming a mother has pushed me to want to help other mothers and women to improve their lives by creating products that in their day I could not find to meet my needs and at the same time that made me feel comfortable with myself.


Why buy a bag more destined to carry your child's things? In the end it is you who has to carry this bag and also your things must have room too ...!


Throughout a day you live very different situations, so my intention is that our accessories and bags system can be fully compatible with being a mother without losing your style. A bag with accessories that can be combined according to your needs to make your life easier when you go to play in the park, go for a walk, on the bike, at your work, when you go shopping, ... and also like it!


Aware that there is no single type of mother as there is no single type of woman, our accessories are combinable with each other so that you can find your own formula.


How about we relax and let each woman find her motherhood and shape it?


I hope so...